Control Engineering

We are strong in offering and implementing total solutions.

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One of Elmon's core activities is the delivery of complete control systems. We are strong in offering and implementing total solutions. Among other things, this means that we manage engineering, panel construction, cable routing, cabling, commissioning and process automation. Elmon translates your needs into user-friendly systems.

We are active in the following sectors:

  • Energy solutions; gensets (diesel, (bio) gas, HFO), pigging units, twin packs, CHPs
  • Water treatment plants; potable water, process water, waste water, groundwater, etc.
  • Recycle installations; factories and machines
  • Machine construction for on and offshore, process and food.

Custom solutions focused on efficiency, improvement and sustainability.

PLC controls
Elmon provides tailor-made solutions for technically complex processes and machine controls. Always based on reliable technology and a personal approach.

We focus on companies in water treatment, generator construction, woodworking and storage and transfer. Continuity of expensive installations is essential for every successful organization. After all, an uninterrupted technical process means being able to deliver on time. Reliable automation is therefore of great importance for your organization.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of our experts, we can realize the most suitable and reliable total solution together with you.

For process automation, Elmon has knowledge and experience with various PLC products.
Some of the most commonly used PLCs are:

Allen Bradley
Priva (dealer / partner certificate)

Our references