Demiwater plant Chemelot site

Elmon has designed and built a control system for Vynova.

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Vynova, formerly (Ineos ChlorVinyls) used to buy demi water from EDEA at the Chemelot site in Geleen. Because the water quality was not sufficient, Logisticon designed and installed a new installation. The installations are all mobile and placed in several 20ft and 40ft containers, and consist of 2 ultrafiltration and 2 reverse osmosis installations. A CIP container makes automatic cleaning of the membranes possible. The installation has a capacity of 95 m3 / h to a maximum of 120 m3 / h. Elmon has designed and built the entire control system. Before the installation went to location, the installation was fully assembled and tested in Groot-Ammers so that construction on site could be done quickly. We are good at coming up with smart solutions to work quickly and flexibly.