The launch of a new series of battery storage media is a recent example of this. Sustainably storing energy and being able to deploy this energy just-on-time is an important pillar in this regard. Elmon offers a complete range of battery storage media, from large to small.

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45kVA Battery system

The Elmon battery system is a multifunctional mobile system which can be used in various ways. Below mentioned functions are among the possible applications:

  • Work cleaner with less CO2 emission on for example a building site as hybrid system in combination with a generator.

  • Level out peaks in electricity use which are too high for the grid connection in power-assist function.

  • Maximize the energy use of your solar panels with the energy storage system function.

  • Connect your solar panels directly with the built in MPPT inverter which directly and efficiently charges the batteries.

The system was built as quietly and compact as possible and is available in different power sizes. Because all items are made and installed withing our company we are able to build the system fully customer specific. Ask about our possibilities and options using the email address on top of this page!

Victron and MG energy systems

By using a battery system of MG energy systems together with inverters/chargers of Victron, prooven technique is used which results in a reliable system. With the VRM portal of Victron the system can be fully monitored and operated online. Additionally Elmon created an extra online application to achieve more functionality.

Dimensions (lxwxh): 1200 x 1600 x 1708mm
Weight: 1390 kg
Nominal power: 45kVA
Nominal capacity: 57,6 kWh
Nominal voltage: 400V
Frequency: 50Hz
Nominal current (in / out): 100A / 125A
Connections feed in: CEE 125 Ampere, 5 pole + Sunclicx 40 Ampere DC
Aansluitingen uitgangszijde: CEE 125 Ampere, 5 pole + Schucko 16 Ampere
Average sound level (active, 1m): <50 dBA
Approvals: CE • UN38.3 • IEC 62619 • IEC 62109-1 • IEC60335-1 IEC 60335-2-29 • IEC 61000-6-1/2